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To make your dream kitchen a reality contact Rich at the beginning of your project. He will save you time and money by making the project run smoothly and on time. Rich uses his contractor discounts to save you money for your cabinets and appliances, etc. With over experience in remodeling you can be confident that your finished kitchen will be everything you hoped for.

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Visit showroom to pick out materials.
Rich will order your cabinets for you.
We start work  after the ordering of cabinets.

As young homeowners, this was one of our first major interior projects, so we received several consultations and quotes. Rich immediately stood out among the competition as someone who was experienced, could be immediately trusted, would provide the guidance we needed when discussing and making decisions, and ultimately, do great work. Everything was timely, communicated, and completed to expectations. We are very happy with our new kitchen and the decisions Rich helped us make along the way. He and the vendors he brings to the table were a true joy to work with.

We had a complete kitchen remodel as well as changes to the dining room and living room. Rich walked us through the process from start to finish, making sure we understood each step. He had good ideas for making the most of our space. He gave recommendations on quality materials at affordable prices and kept us informed throughout. The project was done in the expected time frame and the costs were as planned. He does quality work and we would definitely recommend him. He’s a professional! Also, he is really nice and a pleasure to do business with! We are very happy with our new kitchen

Call Us : (609) 488-1898