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H & N Custom Homes!
One phone call, one designer, one contractor with an award-winning team, and one affordable transformation for your home. This isn’t just renovation. This is investment in your family and your home’s value.

H & N Custom Homes is a complete design-build firm in Villa Park, NJ. Kitchen Contractor Villa Park, NJ have assembled a ready team of top designers, architects, contractors, suppliers, engineers, and craftspeople who work together under the personal direction of our project manager and designer in tight lockstep for the most efficient remodeling process available. We call it, Creativity Organized.

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With most design-build contractors, once you decide on a construction plan, you still have to go on several trips to several locations to pick out your appliances, countertops, cabinetry, flooring, lighting, fixtures, etc. At H & N Custom Homes, it’s all right here under one roof, plus you get an experienced, talented designer to help you make the best choices for your style, function and budget. These days there are so many options and instead of you having to do all of the homework, we do it for you and can make recommendations that provide you an overall easier process and save you money.

H & N Custom Homes is your single source from concept to completion. H & N Custom Homes will make your dreams come true on time, and on budget.

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