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We recognize that you are an individual, therefore we offer a
variety of personalized services to fit your needs. We can assist
you from beginning to end for any room in your home that may need
attention, or if you require only certain services, we can assist
you in those areas as needed.

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As with most other products or services offered to consumers to day, cabinetry choices are no different, How and what to select in meeting your specific needs can be intimidating and overpowering. The following is a brief guideline to help assist you in making your final decision. Working with the theory of good, better and best the following are categories and descriptions of what most kitchen showroom/dealers will have to offer.

“Good” is typically a stock line, Stock refers to the sizes, accessories, door styles, wood species and stain colors that are
offered. Some stock lines offer upgrades, such as veneer (bladder) vs. solid doors, drawer boxes and glides, and cabinet box
construction (particle board vs. plywood) at an up charge.

A “full custom” line is usually everyone’s best, and typically the most expensive. Here, the H & N Custom Homes is the limit in the designer’s ability to meet their client’s wishes. The cabinet box can be altered to specifications. Most wood species are available, along with the ability to design your own doors styles and customize stains. Accessories and door styles are almost limitless. H & N Custom Homes can be framed or frame less and you may choose traditional overlay, full overlay or inset door styling.

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