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Proudly Serving The People Of Whitesville, NJ for over 30 years!
Welcome to H & N Custom Homes. We are your premier home improvement company in Whitesville, NJ. We would like to offer you the opportunity to experience the very best in home remodeling both inside and out.

From bathroom remodeling & kitchen remodeling to roofing services, it is in our best interest to exceed the expectations of our many new and returning customers. The foundation of our reputation is built off of their satisfaction and customer referrals, and we are more than grateful to be their first choice for top-quality home improvement, every time.

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With our experience and our dedication to providing nothing but the finest services, why would you want to go anywhere else for your home improvement and home remodeling needs? Contact the professionals at H & N Custom Homes today and let us get to work for you!

H & N Custom Homes has been around since the early 30 years and has become one of the most widely recognized home remodeling companies in the area. We bring a new level of excellence to the table; from affordability and unparalleled craftsmanship, to providing an astounding selection of services, we know what it takes to be the best for our customers.

We handle a wide variety of home improvement jobs including:
• Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling
• Flooring and Roofing Services • Interior and Exterior Painting
• Aluminum and Vinyl Siding • Windows and Doors
• Skylights and Chimneys • Copper and Framing
• Decks and Driveways

Here at H & N Custom Homes, our contractors are continuously trained on today’s most relied upon home remodeling methods and utilize top quality materials, equipment and supplies to add to their commitment towards 100% customer satisfaction. Do you want to be the talk of the town? Do you want to have the most desirable home in the neighborhood and to live comfortably and happily?

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