Kitchen Remodeling Projects

Here is a small sample of the Kitchen remodeling projects we have completed over the years. Be sure to request your custom kitchen remodeling consultation via the button below. BEFORE & AFTER examples listed on this page.


Kitchen before1

Toms River Kitchen upgrade. Notice the color scheme blends in, and drowns out any differences between the cabinets, countertop, backsplash and flooring.

Client complaints: Outdated, dull Kitchen, unhappy when entertaining guests in this space.

kitchen before2

Lakehurst Kitchen remodel. Notice everything is “stock” or standard. Home owner wanted to make upgrades to his newly built home, and wanted a more modern, warmer kitchen.

Client complaints: Standard Kitchen, nothing custom, colors lacked warmth.

kitchen before3

Beachwood Kitchen. Old kitchen had plain countertops, outdated wallpaper, and sharp contrasts without any proper flow or custom design.

Client complaints: Very outdated kitchen with dull wallpaper. Wants a relaxing kitchen without deep contrasts.

kitchen before4

Brick Town NJ with worn flooring, oak cabinets and off white counter tops

Client complaints: Client recently upgraded other areas of home and wanted a more modern look. Didn’t hate current kitchen, but wanted to go more upscale, towards luxury.

kitchen before5

Little Egg Harbor kitchen remodel. Everything about this kitchen was dated for years and worn looking. It was unappealing and barely functional.

Client complaints: Takeout was preferred to stepping in this depressing space.


Kitchen after1

Custom cabinet doors, drawers, unique recycled glass material countertop, new lighting fixture, stainless steel backsplash for contrast and function, along with new fixtures. Floording in the kitchen was also upgraded to a dark wood.
End Result: Client absolutely loves her new kitchen

kitchen after2
Granite countertops were added to match client’s taste and demand for quality, along with a custom glass-tile backsplash. Refaced cabinets, ventilation put in place for cooking and entertaining guests. Recessed lighting for even, inviting atmosphere.

End Result: Client enjoys hosting for Holidays.

kitchen after3
Hardwood floors were refinished with care to save costs, similar but updated cabinets were then installed, updated the lighting fixtures for a more appealing, even distribution, and new countertops put in place to give a lighter contrast, along with a backsplash, as well as updating appliances to match their new kitchen


End Result: Client spends more time in the backyard/kitchen area without dreading walking through her very old kitchen.




kitchen after4
Frosted Glass door panels were added to a darker style cabinetry, and the off-white counter tops were replaced with granite and quartz, along with features such as self-closing drawers, doors, and a stainless steel sink.

End Result: Exceeded client’s expectations for luxury. The darker cabinets, granite countertop, and frosted glass have upgraded the space from above average, to luxurious.

kitchen after5

To get a more modern look, client approved darker black cabinets, and granite countertops for a sleek, luxury feel, hardwood coupled with tile flooring, backsplash, new recessed lighting and hand place custom stones to create a wall, providing a warmer, custom, yet cozy feel.

End Result: Takeout reserved only for weekends. Loves entertaining guests now whether his friends or family.